Principal's Message

Welcome Claudine Brown Elementary School Staff, Students and Parents!
With this letter I would like to officially begin our school year and welcome you once again to an exciting opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life.  
We are excited to welcome our students back for what will prove to be an awesome year full of individual and collective successes. You may be wondering how I can predict such success. The main reason why that prediction can be made is because of the groups of committed adults who will be working collaboratively to support ALL of the students at Claudine Brown. The teachers, staff, parents, community partners, central office staff and administration will be working strategically and intentionally to meet the diverse needs of our students. The other reason why this prediction of great success can be made is because I am confident our students are going to give their personal best every day in both their academic and social endeavors. The theme for this year is “F.I.T.: Focused on Instruction Together”.
As a faculty/staff member, parent or student, you have a very important job in an outstanding school system. While I publicly proclaim the classroom teacher’s role in the successful schooling of children, anyone who has worked in a public school knows that parents, office support staff, child nutrition staff, teacher assistants, custodians, and bus drivers play vitally important roles in creating a school environment that is safe, clean, and conducive to student learning. At Claudine Brown Elementary School, all jobs are important and each of us contributes directly to the welfare of our children. Please keep this in mind.
As we get F.I.T. in the 2018 – 2019 school year, let us remember to:
• Ensure the students are always safe.
• Constantly assess the progress of all students and use this data to drive instruction.
• Expect respectful behavior from all students and understand students grow along a continuum. Give second chances.
• Reach out to parents and colleagues as partners.
• Integrate literacy, discussion and technology into your lessons wherever possible.
• Celebrate students!
 I look forward to the 2018– 2019 school year at Claudine Brown and it is my goal to support you on this path of teaching and learning.
Edshundra J. Gary, Principal